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Contact Lens Types:
Contact Lens Brands:
  • Single Vision

  • Toric

  • Multi-focal 

  • Colored 

  • RGP

  • Bausch & Lomb

  • Vistakon

  • Cooper Vision

  • Alcon

  • Synergeyes

Contact Lens Care:

Patients of any age can wear contact lenses as long as they can make the commitment to care for them properly.

  • It is very important to wash your hands before handling your lenses. Any dirt or bacteria that are on your hands can be transferred to your eye when putting in your lenses

  • The solution used to clean and store your lenses should be changed daily. If you reuse solution it can start to grow bacteria, which can also be transferred to your eye.

  • It is recommended to change your contact lens case every three months.

  • Do not sleep in your contact lenses unless you have approval from your doctor. There are some lenses approved to sleep in, but not all of them. When you sleep in contact lenses it deprives your eye of oxygen and can lead to many problems.

  • Change your lenses as directed by your doctor. Different lenses are made to last for certain time periods. After that period the lens can start to break down and cause damage to the surface of your eye.

  • If you have any irritation or eye pain, take your contact lenses out immediately.

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